Yihsin Chu, a Taiwanese artist, recently study in MA Fine Art at University of arts London (UAL). Influenced by Minimalism, Conceptualism, OOO  and materialism,

I am an artist obsessed with society, interaction, time, and object. My works span multiple areas including photography, installation, and documentary performance art.

In my installation, I let words or substances speak the intentions that are embedded within their essence. My works may appear visually minimal but inertly troubling; it is because I see the richness of thing-in-itself that words and substances possess, applying adjectives, colors or metaphors adds nothing but paralyzes audiences’ perceptions. 
The objects she uses could be seen everywhere in everyday life, which represent the present and embody the behaviors of the generation. There are always linear shapes could be found in her practices, which reveal the dynamic movement that happens on objects and audiences.
I don’t water the objects; we are already in the flood of over-expression.
I pursue interaction on my creations. Just as I believe in objects and verbs; actions and the impulse to act are what I deliver through my installation. Resonated with Carl Andre: “wood was better before I cut it”; instead of creating things, I specify the scale, arrangement and the function of objects, to modify the actions and the impulse to the level that troubles the ordinaries. 
The topic I center on is consumption, the environmental concern is just a part of discussion for this topic, the core idea that drives me to combine the practice with consumption is because of its essentialness. It's probably more intuitive and instinctive than music or aesthetic sense, it is a common behavior for those need to stay alive; it is what people do, and most importantly, what I do, by this I can tell no lies, but create my artwork faithfully and straightly.